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Today people all over the world stood up and demonstrated their committment to a new world. It all started in New York with the “Occupy Wall Street” gathering that specifically addressed the financial aspects of dissatisfaction aimed at the banking systems. The enthusiasm of the occupation was contagious and became an invitation for everyone to stand up and carry a sign. What is your cause? What do you want to stand for? What does your sign say?

In 1968 there was an energy like this. It wasn’t good enough to just be a good person and live an honest life, it was necessary to stand up and deliberately stand for what you belived in. There were occupations too, only they were called sit-ins, freedom rides, demonstrations and riots. If you believed in something you had to walk the talk.

I think it’s like that now. I think it’s important for us all to accept this invitation. Not only do you get to spend a little time thinking about your important issues and what could help or solve them, but you can see that you belong to a big club. You combine your energies with others with the same intentions, and we all know what happens next.

Occupy this, Occupy that, does it all seem like a good excuse to hang out in the park and get high? If it was really real wouldn’t it be more organized? No, I think not, because this is the energy of change and everyone has something that they want to stand up for. Why stick to only one thing? Hey! We all have something to say. It is as individual as we are, it is as communal as we are, it is whatever drives us to make an effort. This energy invites it all in. You can see it, feel it, hear it and now you get to be there. This is our now. We are all here to show up so, knock – knock, it’s showtime.

Timing is everything in all areas of “occupy”. If you had walked down the street with a sign saying anything political or spiritual or even evironmental, you would probably get locked up, and people would think you’re crazy. But when everybody is marching down the street for what they believe in, it’s easy because it’s an invitation– to manifestation in a group way. I think its important to all of us to see what is important to others in our community and see what the pulse of our revolutionary inspirations are stirring up.

The wonderful stories about the Plutonian experience remind me of this as well. One is the “Phoenix” and the other:

The Multi-headed Hydra

Sinbad was looking for his way out and he ran into a cave that had sunlight coming through the top. As he hit the light he saw in front of him a Hydra (big snake thing) that had so many heads that he couldn’t count. They were all snapping and biting at him. He drew his sword and started cutting off the heads, but everywhere he cut one off, two grew back. This was getting him nowhere. He kept slashing away until he was almost overcome with snake heads. He reached up and grabbed one of them by the neck and when he cut it off, he held it up to the light coming through the hole. With this, the snake head turned to dust in his hand. He then did the same to all the other ones until he stood in a spotlight of dust. He was the hero, he brought every one to light.

The Phoenix

Everyone knows the story about the Phoenix that flew to the sun, caught fire, fell to the ground into ashes and rose again to fly again . . . but here’s how the real story goes . . . .  .

Once there was a bird that was the most beautiful bird that had ever lived. It was so stunning that it brought a tear to the eye of all its beholders. It flew gracefully in a way that inticed you to watch its every move. When it opened its mouth, the most beautiful songs and sounds that had ever been heard came through in the most perfect tone. It sang your true soul to you, it knew your deepest deep and sang it to you in your own words. But the Phoenix invited all to join. He said, “I have been to the underworld, and have come back. I have seen you and me in full circle, there is nothing to fear. It is that which you stand for that you will remember. You are eternal. I invite you to sing your song. I invite you to choose your melody and language and audience. I welcome you to my journey and I have only one question for you”.

“If everyone stopped- and you had your 15 minutes of fame- everyone was listening to you, everyone was watching you, everyone was interested . . . .  WHAT IS YOUR SONG?”

The wise Phoenix knows we all have a unique song to sing to the universe. He invites us to join the revolution, stand up for our beliefs and be heard.

Satisfied with change and regeneration, the Phoenix flew around the world spreading his good news. He was so filled with the love for all of his admirers that he just wanted to go higher, so that he could see them all at once. As he flew into the Sun, the light of it all changed him into a light being bird. He saw us all at once, together, and it made him so happy. Then one day, he felt the call. He had to return. His ashes had been used by the cavepeople to draw on the walls – so they could tell his story and make it part of their culture. There was one little bit of ashes left. It was enough and he came, again,  to take us on a journey of the soul.

So, as the background music fades into the night, I leave you with this invitation: Occupy something. Stand up and sing your song. Listen to the other songs and rejoice in the choir that is being heard all over the world. Look at its incredible diversity and laugh with love laughter at the now we’ve created. It is so important for us to dance in the new energies, bring the new paradigms into our culture, artistically and socially establish a new world.

Thanks for all the love that came my way this last week. The wave of feelings transformed me. I love you all.

Blessings on your wishes

Power to your intentions

Love to your heart

Kisses to your cheek

Wishes for you

Chocolate to the masses




We Cancers love it when we get to play in the fourth house. It’s our home, family, roots, security, nurturing, caring and all the love that holds everything together. This Lightcast day is an opportunity for you to fine tune this area and bring in the results you really want.


Inner child wants some candy. Inner child wants to play.

Something is up. Something to say

It’s a safer place here under the sea.

It’s our home down under where we want to be.

Our minds are like Virgos? Yikes! What a scene

Decide what your thoughts are now

Not from where you have been


To the Downfall of Evil.


Jump into the light and stay there. It’s the age of Light – good thing – right?


This new Moon of possibilities and love will bring me:


A new and bigger family with a new member or two.

A stronger foundation for me to work from.

Roots going back that are so strong that they hold me fast in now.

A bigger house to work out of.

A bigger house to entertain in.

I hope to nurture the part of myself that needs help.

I anticipate a new closeness so everyone feels like family.

I will use my mind in a love context – always.





P.S. I have to say, while we are here in the fourth house Lightcast time, that you guys need to go out and start your families. Knock it off and get going you guys. No excuses. There is nothing better for you to do. Make some babies, get married, whatever, but get going. This is spoken by your crabcake Italian mama. I should probably put a disclaimer, but I won’t cuz I’m serious you guys. Family is the most important thing. Go make one if you haven’t already.

Love is in the air. Catch this train and go for a ride on the Shanghai Express. You may drop through a trap door into the depths of an encounter, you may walk the plank, you may end up in a place of exotic wonder. Love is luring you into a pool of warm watery light –full of risks and full of moments undiscovered. It’s calling alright, your ringer may be off. Check all devices and wear clean undies cuz adventure is afoot at the Circle K.

Love, sex and romance are subjects that get our attention most always. Why? I suppose its due to the elated feeling one gets when it happens to us. Maybe we’re just bored with ourselves. Being with someone is a feel good blankie that soothes us when we have a little hole going where our self love lives. More on that later, but the point is — that It is our way of really seeing and experiencing our happy parts of ourselves. You may think that “Oh, I love this guy because he is so artistic” and its more like you love the artistic part in yourself and you like that he shows you how to manifest it by being that, and you can share the “art moments” in mutual admiration. This may be a lame example, but you get the idea. It’s the parts of ourselves that we are exploring and want to learn to love more. This is easier when you see someone living a true expression of themselves in that area. When any of us observe anyone happy because of his or her ability to manifest a vibration – we all join in. We are the laws of attraction. We can’t help but to see the fun in it and add a little fun of our own to it.

Fall in love with yourself first. You can do this. Its weird, but you’re not going to be any fun until you do. Think about the things that light you up. Think of how you turned things around and started over. Think about how caring and compassionate you are. The You that’s still in the Absolute Everything wants you to know how unbelievably amazing you are. Your energy travels throughout the universe. Your thoughts are as powerful as the energy that makes planets. You are one hot bunch of love baby. You have you to complete this rendezvous –and you will like the feelings when you allow it happen. And then, there is the pherimone thing if all else fails.

Now that you are having so much fun with yourself, time to go out and share it with one of the bazillion people who could use a little fun. Be a light of happy bliss.

Oh, you say, here she goes again with the romance stuff, easier said than done . . .

It’s so hard when you think that your words, actions or efforts could make this happen.

Only your vibe makes it happen. Juice up that vibe with some self-love and watch out.

When its hard to imagine that there is anyone else in the world who would get you, desire you, pursue you, be worthy of you, then here’s a little trick: Imagine anything that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel happy, sexy, relieved and grateful and appreciated. For instance, if you don’t think anyone would “get” you, imagine a giant invisible rabbit that gets you and follows you around. He doubles as the drums in your backup band. He hooks you up with your favorite rock star who is dying to get you alone. He chases you and showers you with compliments . . . .imagine what would happen then.

Now, Bon Jovi hasn’t been knocking my door down, but I will say I do get my share of attention. I’m not an easy one to get close to, but if I like you, and you have been showing interest that seems interesting, and you ignite the fire in me that I see in you –then there is a chance it may happen. I’m old enough to say its happened lots. Be patient and don’t think in terms of time, think in terms of how ready you are to celebrate yourself. Think about how much fun you’re having right now discovering yourself. You be nice to you always. You remember how much fun you are by being more fun way more often.

Pursue things that bring you joy. This doesn’t always have to lead to anything, but it enables the vortex machine to warm up a bit and set up something better. Know that if something goes away or doesn’t develop – it was supposed to and you dodged a bullet.

Don’t sit by the phone waiting for them to call. What ever you were going to do with them, do it anyway. The thing that’s keeping it all from happening is THAT THING YOU DO THAT ALWAYS KEEPS YOU FROM IT. Just stop doing that thing. Manifest a moment of now that has you in it as the star baby. If someone or something interests you, it is your calling to rendezvous with your next manifestation of a now that is closer and closer to what you want. Rendezvous with a perfect impulse. Perfect love is in you and a perfect manifestation of it is here. It’s waiting for you and you just can’t see it. Your interests will steer you with impulses – impulses that feel good – and then there is a chance that will lead to something tangible. Manifestations start with feelings, then interests, then impulses, then the banquet of now– tangible realities that you can sink your teeth into. Yum.

I think I’m in love with you

Or is it me – so hard to tell

I have no idea what I should do

Or how I may – this thing- pursue

Want a little rendezvous?

This time its just me and you.


If you were wondering about the astrological aspects coming up for us Cancers, and what – if anything- you should do about it – I read about 10 September horoscopes and came to the following conclusions: 1) time to take care of yourself (not that again!) 2) a trip is a good idea and good things will come of it 3) hurry, close things and tweek them up before the last week in September. 4) the last week of September and the first two weeks of October are times where there are so many planets lumped together that the aspects or possibilities are going to make things complicated and hard. 5) Mars in Cancer right now makes it good for a new 2 yr cycle to begin. Timing is good – hurry though. 6) Pluto goes direct today, so now relationship and work progression is here 7) lots of Uranus aspects at the end of the month indicates something unexpected in the 4th house (home/family) area could come up – first to be seen on Sept. 25th. 8) Complicated aspects during this 3 week period would make it so it would benefit you not to start anything, just respond to events 9) It won’t be everything showing up – just one thing then another – so take it one step at a time 10) Keep your schedule light to have time to examine your position in all of it.
There you have it. I’ve been having a pretty easy and fun time this summer and the last few weeks. I am going to try to get organized and get all my homework done. This weekend I was a lazy wad, lots of contemplation going on inside my crowded little head. The stuff in the stars is only one part of what I look at when I try to understand complexities. Astrology is important if you are trying to time initiations and favorable periods, but it is a choice centered guidance system – a language that can be interpreted according to your beliefs. These beliefs can be as simple as a very “fixed” idea of what a particular sign is or does, or as complicated as your maze of over-thought-out scenarios of the combinations. Do you get most of your astrological knowledge from books? Videos? People? Life? How did you come to your conclusions? What have you found to be true? I have had lots of life experience (cuz I’m old) and it has taken thousands of people to help me fine tune my understanding of it all. I am continually surprised, happily amazed and blissfully in love with the people who have taught me – been my science experiments- they are my mirrors, my calibration to reality. I am so grateful to have this colorful language of astrology to be able to connect and have a context in which to psychologically look at my situations. Do you have a favorite book that explains it in a new way? My favorite is “Making the Gods Word for You” by Caroline Casey. She goes through the planets better than anyone. Are you all reading other sites until Christopher is up? Have you found a favorite or two?
Since the world that greets us is the world we asked for, it should be no surprise what comes parading down the street. I love parades – who doesn’t right? Which is why I sometimes think of life like a parade – one interesting act after another marching by me. It’s a cross between Burning Man and Mardi Gras – here come the wild Scorpios, here come the dancing Pisces/Gemini girls, here come the midgets, here come the giants, every kind of character there is — is in my parade. Every possibility of combination and expression stepping by . . . two, three, four . . . .take a left . . . two, three four . . . now everyone- STOP. Ok, so that won’t happen, but sometimes I connect and discover yet another wonderful thing. What is it that you have concluded on your journey through definition of astrological signs and planets? How do your definitions form your beliefs? How do your beliefs form your life? Are you open to fine-tuning your definitions and choosing a better feeling thought? Are you open to the possibilities that will parade in front of you this month?
When planets are lurking around us and rearing their little heads – its always time to pay attention more than usual and be deliberate always.
March to your own background music and make sure you sing too. Jump into a convertible. Catch a ride on the cowboy’s silver horse. Walk next to the float and do the Diana wave (elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist). Then when it’s an observing moment, sit in your favorite lawn chair and watch the parade go by. Be creative in your analyzation of what you see (we are still in Virgo), view the contrast with a happy smile and know you will handle anything – well.

I hope this finds you at home with your brothers and sisters, having a very happy summertime’s closing, in the arms of your loved one, relieved about your circumstances, relaxed in your accomplishments, proud and playful, kissing the puppy.

Love you my angel crabs – turtles
– love – peace – chocolate
mary* . . . . . . . . . . .

Ooooooooo . . . . Moon’s in Pisces . . . We’re all in Virgo….It’s a full moon in an hour . . . .

I am loving everything in my dreamy visions. I’m in the Vortex, high on Moonshine. Not the kind grandpa makes, but the kind that is bathing the earth right now in a purplish light. Aaaawooooooooo . . . doesn’t it make you want to howl and sing? Doesn’t it make you want to stay up all night? I like swimming in the Piscean pool of imaginative vision guided by a bit of thoughtful contemplation. Tide is high – surf’s up – hold on to your panties cuz this beautiful Harvest moon is going to take us all on a bouncy ride on the party wagon to Funzville. Take a left when you hit the beach. Hop that sleeping bag right into your favorite kayak and don’t forget the treats on this midnight floaty ride.

You know that place don’t you? It feels like the relief of a cool breeze, the excitement of an evening party with all your favorite people, the relaxation of being able to think about your creations before you make them, the comfort and security in your heart is so solid that risks and adventure are as easy as eating ice cream. Welcome my friends to the outback tour.

If people spent as much time wondering about the next fun thing as they did about what they’re supposed to do, this would be a much better place. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone was happy or “high” on life all the time? Sure, shit happens, caca pasa, but it doesn’t have to happen over and over. What I mean by that is this: it happened. That’s it. If you retell the story it happens again. If you think about the part that bugs you, you are living it again. If you hang on to the right/wrong of it, you are going through the whole thing again. If this doesn’t happen in your conscious mind, I guarantee its happening to you energetically. There really is no need to tell the shit sandwich story, there really is no need to let the icky get your attention, and if there is some sad or difficult thing that is bugging, then do the attach/detach thing and don’t give it one more second than its already taken from you. If it’s that important, it will be waiting. Attach / detach is a useful tool in energetic shifting.  Think about it for a minute, then, think about something else for a minute.  Come back to it to see and truly examine how you feel about it, then- let it go. If talking about it helps, make sure it’s someone who can see what it is and offer you the mirror for a change. Today is September 11th -which is a big sad thing for everyone because it’s the tenth anniversary of the Towers Tragedy- so how do you not think about the bad part of it? Well, of course you couldn’t, but if you use your words wisely and consider the heroic nature of the people, the rescuers and the survivors you are thinking about good stuff in the face of disaster. You see triumph over difficult contrast. You see light where there is darkness. You see a world full of character, noble bravery and love.

Only through us all practicing these love thoughts will the world and your life be better.

We all need to practice being more mindful of our words, our thoughts, our self connected to source self – because these things are changing the world right now. We are on the edge of the most wonderful expansive time that has ever happened.  We can make it any way we want. Heaven on earth – and we don’t have to die to get it. Soooo, that’s why its time to become Lightcasters – one and all.  Don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t be the happy recipient of. Check yourself, watch your words, pay attention and just be. Send your light beam out into the universe knowing there is a big team of coach angels clapping in delight.

Yay! Whoopee!! Yipee!! It’s a love fest of epic proportions. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Its Super Self riding high on Moonshine Lane.

We all try to stay in a good mood, we all have our “days” which might only last a few hours, but its what we are in our minds and hearts that will set right any situation that arises. If you are in the Vortex of allowing your life to amuse and delight you, the flies in your teeth will not bother you – because you’re enjoying the ride so much.

I’m on cloud nine just imagining what my grandson is going to be like. I invite in all visions of future wonderfulness. I ask all friends, family and like-minded people to join me in the vortex. It is the place where your big self is calling you to join your grandest desires.

Love is the Law. Musha says that all the time and she’s right.

If you are sick, write to us in the Healing Circle of Light. Help is here now. If you are sad, remember who you really are and you will smile. If you are lost – reach out – and you will be found. If you are lonely, close your eyes and dream, because we are waiting for you there.

The Moon is shining in the most magical time that has ever been. You are the best of the best and your light is reaching so high that only the light of the moon rivals you.

Shine on little Moon Children! You can feel what you cannot see. Show them how to be.



Rainbow People – time has come for us to unite and celebrate our deep and magnificent colors. Tide says so.

In so many ways, we are alike. We each are complete individuals and so different from anything else that has ever been; yet the things that we have in common are what define us as a group or community. Whether it is what you agree with or not, it’s the things that have become some kind of agreement that came to be.

People are all different colors. Their skin is one thing but I’m talking about the color that seems to “go” with that person. People are a rainbow of color energy signatures. This signature goes with your mood and thought generated energy. Its what you “seem” like to other people.  Its what you “seem” like to yourself. I was wondering about all this because I just saw the movie “The Help” which tried to look at racial stuff and class stuff.  I think it was mostly about a bunch of entitled idiots and the glossed over liberation part of it was too fluffy/feel good for me. But, anyway, it reminded me of how kooky people are when it comes the differences in people. Don’t they realize that without those contrasts, our world would be a grey place of nothing colorful?  Your feelings change and we change colors when we change our moods just like a little cuddle fish. Its true that you can’t see the colors with your eyes (yet) but you can somehow see them all the same. What if you could understand someone better because you could see how he or she felt? Some people can you know. What if your Cancerian feelings were in living color?

You’ve all heard of Kundalini energy and the Chakras that are the colors of the rainbow. They also correlate with the zodiac signs, seasons, paths and much more.  The water aspects inside of us magnify the colors like a prism. There are lots of color explanations for auras and such, but if it was left up to you with no input, what do you really sense about a person? What color are you right now? Do you see colors around or in people?

We are all a beautiful rainbow in a capsulated energy shell of expression. Every color you can even imagine is right inside of you.  When you feel sexy and aggressive it’s a red thing. Feeling social and sensuous? Then you are getting into the orange home of the Tauri. Talk talk talk with everyone as your color starts getting into a yellow orange. Yellow intellectuality will make it all right and give you the mindfulness to make the right choice. It gets greener, this yellow, as it comes closer to your heart, where what you feel comes into it. Pumpum . .. pumpum. . . .pumpum . . .now you are in the greenest forest of your heart, where your greatest love lies. Boy, don’t ya just love everybody? And everything?  Up Up Up to the bluegreen of the ocean on the horizon, where you are so full of love and overwhelmed with the beauty of life that time stands still. Now, deep in your throat, you feel the blue of the sky that calls you to look at what you believe. How do we get so caught up in that blue? I know I do sometimes. Then as it climbs up into your third eye and head, you see the most beautiful purple indigo that you have ever seen. You are connected to the Big You, the part that still is part of the “All that Is” and maybe you even lose a bit of yourself, the part that didn’t fit the plan. As this journey starts to head out of you, all you are is pure gold light. You are the halo that is hanging above your head. You extend – as far as you’d like. All you feel is love. All you can think of is love. You are that ya know.

You are a Rainbow. You are a complicated, ever changing creative mass of light.

So, we all are painting from the same palate. We have the same colors, we just paint them in different combinations that make us and the world we perceive or paint just a bit more interesting. Take a risk and let the masterpiece that is you come about.

You are a Light Caster. You are many colors.

Right now you all are pink and fuscia to me.

Remember what Peewee said?

Bounces off of me and hits you.

Have a great week everyone and don’t work too hard!

Love and happy trails to you my friends

mary* . . . . . . . . .



You made it this far and now . . ..  drum rolll . . .. .. . YAY! Yippee!! We get a prize! We win! Whooo Hoooo!

Sound like fun? It’s You at the manifestation party – celebrating your true self! The  Fabulous You has arrived and now its time for all the love and abundance that you worked so hard for. Whoooo Hoooooooo! ! ! Yay! Second house is one of my favorite little places on the Wheel of Life – it is your Soul Capital, your Abundance and your personal power at your own soul level. It’s where it all comes together and you can see on the physical earth plane the results of your Lightcasting. Your rockets of desire are landing and BOOM! Get the %*#$ out of the way, cuz now it’s all going to start manifesting in the world. Get your ducks in a row, visualize your place in your learning curve and get to work – because the payoff is quick and huge.

If you haven’t already – be sure to watch CW’s Top Ten Reasons Lightcasts Fail video.  I love it. He nailed it. He’s amazing and you have to see this before you venture out any further. Now, back to Cancers and 2nd house.

Resources that are available to you are always determined by how you perceive yourself. Soul capital is the investment you have made in becoming who you are right now. Regardless of how you got there, you are what you are right now and that’s the deal. Be proud. You did what you did at the time, now you might make different choices, and draw in different stuff, but for the most part – you got here because of the way you see yourself. If something doesn’t fit, then ignore it and find something closer to YOU that holds to the “going with the stream/vortex” feeling that always sighs relief. Look in the mirror and see the value of your work.

Second house is a homey and warm place. It is your favorite flowers on the mantle with sage in the ashtray. It’s the cookies baking in the oven smell and clean white sheets. The tomatoes you grew are the biggest ever this year. You love that there is dirt under your fingernails. A plan starts to form in your head, one that takes diligent work but is tangible and real. Second house loves the VALUE of things. What do your really value? Can you see it? Does it fit into your life? Are you really ready? If you are, then it should be easy for you to imagine. Take it to the next level on this Lightcast – you deserve a raise (just tell them I said so).

Celebration is on the menu. Get your butt out and do something really fun. Celebrate you.  Value the person you have become, I know it didn’t come easy.  You want it. You got it.  You rocked it. Validation is over rated when you just “know” that you did something infinitely amazing. Sounds like fun – right?

I am so grateful to be working at at the things I love. I am so grateful that new and expansive visions of my future are coming now. I will grow and change as love and blessings by the basketful take over my life. I will stay on course and nurture my creations. I will love every THING to death. I will bless all incoming rockets and luxuriate in the wonderfulness of living on this beautiful earth. I will wear a crystal this month to honor the earth and its assistance in making all my dreams come true. I will vibrate love and gratefulness – a co-creator – a creative center – spinning off benefits to everyone and everything around me. I will be there for you, in all my craziness, in all my changes, in all my beliefs and in my deepest heart.

When you are Lightcasting these next couple of days, be clear and purposeful. Re-examine any belief that would hold you back, those which you hold about yourself -but may no longer be true. Know yourself (not that again!). Know that the world not only needs you – but has been patiently waiting while you were figuring out all this stuff. Its your time on the court and by now you should have experimented long enough to know what position you play the best. Team’s awaitin’ and we need you. Hold your intent strong – as strong as a Taurean would – and as a best friend of Venus – who just wants us to have fun celebrating who we have become. You might have things and lose things in your life, but no matter what remember:

It’s that which you are left with when all else has been taken away – that shows you who You really are. And You are magnificent – so let it bring a smile to your face. You will always be you, and that’s pretty great.

Love you my friends

mary*   . . . . . . . . . .

It’s a place of the Broader Perspective. I want to think it’s a place where planning it well and concentrating on vibrating that happy place — is just as important as the doing the thing. Neptune reminds me of the magic of connecting with your Higher/Inner Self, the big You, the one who is already up there. It’s the monk in all of us.

This last month my time was booked solid. I went on a quick vacation and came back to start a feature film as prop master. It was probably the best job I’ve worked in quite a while. The people were amazing and so nice, the script was fairly easy, so that was a change and I love the crew. Since we wrapped a week ago, I have been a big lazy wad o’ mush. I had all kinds of plans to do this and that – no freakin’ way did I even come close to finishing that list.  I was a lazy bones – float around in the kayak sleepin’ at high tide lazy – lose hours at a time daydreaming lazy – can’t get off my butt lazy -staring at the garage I need to organize while sitting on a box reading something I wrote ten years ago lazy (any excuse not to move fast).

What the heck happened to me this week? I like to think I needed a little time off to re- envision what the rest of the year will look like. Maybe sleeping so much is what I needed. Maybe. Probably not- though wouldn’t it be nice if there was a deep meaningful reason? I felt like I was indulging myself with fantasy scenarios of a caliber only a Leo Summer brings on.  Way down deep, where only you go – the hidden “god of you” self – deep in Neptune’s world.

I’m reading the Vortex and it makes me happy without even doing anything. I especially liked the way that they explain the big You as having a “Broader Perspective”. I loved that because that’s how I think of the god part of me – it’s the part that has a broader perspective. This week my perspective was very dreamy and wondering about everything and positive for the most part. I like to dream and be lazy sometimes. I have to start working in a week, so this time off will have me as the #1 thing on the agenda. My idea of fun this week is floating around in Neptune’s world where I can be me all day long.

Doing apparently nothing.



Did you guys read the post Chris Anderson did about the crow? I’d better head for higher ground . . .

It was on FB so I copied it for you:

“A rabbit saw a crow at the very top of a tree and asked him what he was doing. “Absolutely nothing,” said the bird.
“Can I do that?” asked the rabbit.
“Absolutely,” said the crow.
So the rabbit stretched out in the grass and did nothing. Until, that is, a fox came along and ate him.

The moral of this is that you can get away with doing absolutely nothing, but only if you are very high up.”

We’re in the Front Row. Watching what? The grandest Experiment ever.

What if? You say . . . . What about? . .  . .  But how? . . . . Who? . . . and WHEN for Pete’s sake?

We are in the middle of an experiment and although it seems like we’re watching – we are a part of it. It is natural for you to speculate the outcome. I believe that we are a part of a huge consciousness that wanted to experience itself in a world of contrast and individual expression. We separated ourselves from the “Everything” so we could define ourselves in relation to the contrasts and differences in our free will. I think we’ve had enough now to know that we want to all be united again. I’m ready. Are you?

I’ll try to analyze this like a good coach, I’ll try to make sense of it the way I see it. Jump in anytime . . . BTW – I consider this an open discussion. Your feelings and visions are welcome – join me – please? I can use some help!

How does it feel to you? Here’s what I think:

I have good news for you my little hard-shelled friend. The experiment is over and the good guys won. That’s right, and I’ll try to prove it like any good scientist. I’m not saying that the bad guys and selfish interests aren’t still around – they are big time- but listen my friends, these assholes are playing their last card and they know their time of rape and pillage is almost over. They will get more and more desparate as the enlightenment approaches. Their schemes and gluttony will be uncovered. Right now our power lies in our consumerism, but imagine a world that was really FREE. So, in the meantime, just smile and tell them “Good try. Didn’t work.” Be amused at the creativity they are expressing while they try to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Relax in the knowing that you would get a warning if something is going to blow up. I think its just going to be the paradigms that need blowing up.

We, as people of the earth, chose to be here at a time of transformation. We were so excited about the possibilities that we put on our best body and made sure we were here on time to see it all happen. We are the strongest of the strong, the wisest of the wise,  the A Team of God’s lineup. Yep, you were part of all of this and now you get to see what, how, when and be a part of the “who” — that will go down in history as one of the most magnificent occurrences that has ever happened to mankind. You have a front row ticket.

There is a lot of talk about 2012 and cataclysmic earth polar shifts that would wipe us out. I don’t think so. California is not going to slide into the Ocean next year (and if it did think of all the cool dive spots!). I think it will be a time for all of us to shift into a different state of awareness that will change the way we perceive and operate in the world.  We all know I’m a Pollyanna when it comes to predictions, but hey, it’s a tough job and somebody’s gotta do it.

I think that people will kick in and start using the parts of their brains and uncap DNA strands so that we will all be ten times more psychic than we are now. I think that time travel through meditation and focus is a feature that’s “coming soon to a brain near you”, I think that LOVE will permeate the earth’s aura and sweep it clean of hateful vibes. I realize there will still be people here and they will get to pick their lives as they always have, but I think that their choices and free will exercises will be curtailed like never before because no one is going to buy into it the way they have in the past.

I envision a world where all the lies are uncovered and exposed. I envision a world where family and love is all we care about. I envision a world of love that has no tolerance for thoughts of fear or hate. I want to be a part of an evolutionary shift that makes us superhuman and vibrating in complete accordance to the earth’s vibrations. I want to meet some aliens, so if there was ever a time, I bet its coming. I want to hear the crystals speak, the oceans whisper become a voice and the skys come alive with energetic frequencies and sounds that we have only heard in our dreams. What if we could see colors that we have never seen before?

I will be bringing my family into this shift by being a good example of love and acceptance. I will be there for anyone who calls me. I will be the grandest, shining example of me I can be, because I know I am as valuable to this grand experiment as anyone else – or anything else. I will gather my loved ones and teach them the preparedness of a life without cell phones or computers. This doesn’t panic me but it is a distinct possibility with what’s going on.  As my father said on the eve of 1999 – “Hey don’t worry kid. So what if we’re thrown back to 1977? You’ll live.”

I want to go back to the Absolute Everything. I want to go back to Love. I want to go home, where there is only light— I know my mom god is waiting for me. I can’t wait to see my dog K.O. –and I don’t think I’ll have to die to do it, so don’t think that’s what I mean.

I was a big Mary part of this experiment, and I did my best. I liked the way it turned out for me.

love love love you my friends

mary* . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Friday was the last day of Cancer, the twenty-ninth degree, my birthday, and the culmination of a tumultuous period for everyone. I think everyone (in one way or another) figured out that it’s the nurturing and caring for ourselves- which turns things around. This month was a validation or a test – depending on which way you look at it. I think before we head into Leo with our new identities we should get our nurturing roots into the ground. I am going to share with you my grounding, big phone connection tools and always, a bit of energetics.

Grounding is important so you can control your energy. There are a million visualizations and all are good – if they work – so try one on that speaks to you. Here’s one for your consideration:

Lay down or sit down and close your eyes. Beginning with your breathing, slow down your breaths to 8 per minute. Look at your watch the first minute to get the rhythm of it. Now think about your toes. Now think about your legs. Now think about the bottom of your spine. Move it on up slowly like a spiral spin into your core and then into your heart. Now think about your throat. Now think about your arms and fingers. Now think about the roof of your mouth. Now concentrate on the area on your forehead between your eyes up about an inch. Now, and lastly, the crown of your head – and feel it buzzing a bit.  Breathe in a beautiful colored light mixed with your air. Now drench yourself with flower water sending parts of you with it into the ground underneath you. Feel roots growing out of you and into the ground going deeper and deeper until you feel tethered to the core. You are so solid now- so strong with the power of the earth holding you in its loving arms. Now you can travel out to the stars, out into the night sky, out onto the big phone of consciousness armed with the roots of compassionate strength and family bonds.

Are you wondering why family bonds has something to do with grounding? It is the foundation of the “roots” aspect of the fourth house and the home base of Cancer.  If you are a Cancer, your ancestors and parents are important to your self-esteem and probably had something to do with the way you see yourself during your lifetime. These cellular memories are with you now and are trying to transform into an even newer form of you. These vibrational changes are our way into the fifth dimension of different time and space. We will need to be grounded and we will need to know our roots and our loving compassionate connections to navigate this unknown territory. Cancer and its underwater nature sometimes covers things up. Tides come in and cover the coral then they go out and leave it exposed a couple times a day. Water moved by tides covers things up sometimes. Emotions moved by passion will expose you or hide you. You are such a beautiful, caring and nurturing spirit – don’t be afraid to show yourself. Don’t be afraid to expose that hidden part and look at the things that are covered.

While you are in this space, give yourself the laser sweep of cleansing gold light. Star Trek called it the barium sweep, but basically is was a laser light that cleaned everything in its path.  See this beam like a laser show sweep through you and not only cleanse, but rejuvinate every cell it touches and it is dangerously powerful.

Think about who you need to connect with, what you want them to know, what you want them to feel when they know it, and how it could make both of your lives easier and better.

Now think about the earth, the ocean, the river and your toes in the water.

Look deep for meaning and ask to be atuned to the light. Invite it in. It covers all things.

Love love love you xoxooxo

mary* . . . . . . . . . .